Artists can go deep into their music on Pandora with a whole new section for analytics on the creator platform AMP.

Pandora’s AMP dashboard gives artist’s a comprehensive look at how their music fits into the streaming service and offers unique marketing opportunities. With an enhanced new Insights tab artists will be able to go even deeper into their performance on Pandora.

The old Activity Feed has been integrated into the new Insights section, showing alerts on AMP campaigns and upcoming gigs. The first thing users will notice is the new Insights section offers three different spotlights on your music and how it’s doing at the top of the page.

These metrics cover Lifetime Streams, Lifetime Artist Station Adds, and Monthly Listeners to provide all the info artists need to engage with their audiences more and expand their fan-bases.

Scrolling down presents visualisations that display the Streams, Artist Station Adds and Thumbs in visual graphs that are simple to read and digest. Artists can adjust the dates to see detailed analytics for any specific time-frame of their choice.

Finally, the new Insights offer a map of the US so that artists can see exactly where their biggest fan-bases lie and how their popularity is spread across the country. It will show where listeners have been streaming artists’ music, added their artist stations, and thumbed up their songs.

The final feature showing fan locations is an incredibly powerful tool for artists and labels. It helps to advise strategies in launching promotion and is especially useful for arranging tours and gigs in the places where the most fans are.

Pandora’s AMP got a major update earlier this year that made it even more powerful and feature-packed tool for artists. With Insights AMP has further solidified the platform as a vital tool for artists whose music is on Pandora.

View your Insights tab now by checking out your AMP dashboard. Wish you could dive into even more Pandora data? Log in or sign up for Next Big Sound to see how your tracks are performing, get notified when your music gets added to a playlist or station by Pandora’s curation programming team, and much more.