Pandora for Podcasters have released a set of new insight tools for creators to see who and where people are listening.

In another step to mark their spot as the go to place for creators to publish podcasts, Pandora’s creator hub gives podcasters of any size a platform to host their content to millions of potential listeners, with a free suite of marketing insight tools to build an audience and discover who’s listening.

Pandora’s newly launched feature Podcast Analytics gives creators a new set of visually driven data analytics tools for more insight into their audience, allowing a view into who the listeners are and what type of content they’re engaging with. This engagement data gives creators more info on their audience than download numbers.

Podcast Analytics provides an at-a-glace visual overview of key streaming metrics, including Number of Streams, Unique Listeners, Total Time Spent Listening, and Thumbs (the number of thumbs up/down).

The new geographic Audience Insights Map shows creators where their podcasts are most popular across the US. While the Audience Insights Demographics chart gives a broad overview of who listeners are. Other visually driven features show how and where their audience is growing and which content is resonating with listeners.

Pandora Podcast Analytics

Podcast Analytics is available free to all registered Pandora for Podcasters users today. Sign up here.