How to create a music playlist on Pandora

Bring all your favourite tunes together in one place or make the perfect mix for the right occasion on Pandora with your very own playlists.

To make a playlist on Pandora’s music service, whether you’re streaming on mobile or desktop, you will need to be a Pandora Premium subscriber. Unfortunately, you can’t make playlists if you’re a free Pandora streamer or a Pandora Plus subscriber.

Now let’s get to crafting your perfect playlist!

  1. Start by opening up the Pandora app on whatever device you’re using
  2. Head to ‘My Collection’ and then ‘playlists
  3. On computer select ‘Create Playlist’ on the right. On mobile, select ‘Filter’ and then ‘Playlists’ to find your ‘Create Playlist’ button.
  4. Now you can name your playlist whatever you like, if you’ve got a theme or genre in mind try and make it something you can find again easily when you’re in the mood for this vibe.
  5. Now you can search songs and drag them into your playlist on computers. On mobile you’ll be taken to a search screen where you can find the right songs and add them there.
  6. You’re set! Now head to your playlists section at any time to find your playlist and stream your heart out.

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