Image Credit: Pandora

Track Reporting is a free marketing tool for Pandora artists, revealing useful performance data for songs on Pandora.

Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform, which offers free marketing tools for artists on Pandora, has expanded by launching Track Reporting. Creators can get in depth insight into how their songs are performing on the streaming platform.

Track Reporting improves access to Pandora data by putting everything on one platform. Artists on Pandora can gain deeper insights into engagement with tracks and listeners’ modes of discovery, and clearly see which playlists and Pandora Stations have added their songs.

Image Credit: Pandora

Artist Marketing Platform users can access Track Reporting via the Catalog Tab on their artist page to discover total streams and how many times a track has been “thumbed-up” by listeners. Line graphs reveal daily trends, and a source breakdown section with custom date ranges shows which Pandora programs the track is streamed on.

Additionally, the source categories of each artist’s track reveal how listeners are finding the songs in the first place. Algorithmic Sources come from Pandora’s recommendation algorithms; Editorial Sources include mixtapes, editorial playlists and genre stations; Organic Sources stem from the listener’s own choices like streaming the artist’s Pandora station.

Image Credit: Pandora

Other marketing tools on the Artist Marketing Platform include Artist Audio Messages, which lets artists send audio messages to fans. Pandora said that that particular promotional and personal tool has driven over 12 billion listener impressions.

Pandora said the addition of Track Reporting will help show artists how song performance such as playlist adds can lead to more streams and create fans, not just listeners.

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