How to download music on Pandora for offline listening

Taking your music offline is super useful for listening on the go without eating up your data allowance or if you’re going into dead zones. With Pandora Premium, it’s easy to download tracks and whole albums.

Pandora pioneered online radio way back in 2005. Specializing in personalized listening experiences, today Pandora offers a bunch of features making it a worthy competitor in the online streaming market.

Here’s how to take your music offline on iPhone and Android. Note, this feature is only available for those with a ‘Pandora Premium’ or ‘Premium Family’ subscription.

If you need to download your music using cellular, find the ‘Audio Quality and Downloads’ panel in settings and make sure ‘Allow downloading over cellular’ is ticked. Here you can also specify the quality of streamed and downloaded music.

Allow downloading over cellular
Step 1

Play a track you’d like to download and click the bar naming the track at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

Tap the three dots to the right of the track name.

Step 3

Hit Download. That’s it! The track will then be saved in your ‘My Collections’ tab on the app.

For downloading whole albums, the process is even easier. You’ll see a ‘Download’ icon on the album art. This will save an entire album to your ‘My Collections’.

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