Your listening experience on Pandora just got a lot more personal with loads of new playlists tailored just for you and your tastes.

Pandora have just launched personalised playlists that use machine learning and your own tastes to offer up curated selections of amazing music they think you’ll love. Premium subscribers will now be presented with a whole range of playlists made just for them based on moods, activities, and favourite genres.

The playlists are powered through a combination of Pandora’s Music Genome, their in-house team of curators, as well as “state-of-the-art machine learning models”. The playlists will offer up an amalgamated selection of tracks they know you will love alongside new recommendations that Pandora think could become your new favourite track.

The playlists are only available to ad-free, on demand premium subscribers. However if your friends are listening to Pandora on free streaming and you want to share one of the brilliant playlists that has been created for you you can send them a link and they can listen to to all the tracks you’ve been offered in that playlist.

Pandora personalised playlists mobile app custom recommendations

The playlists will refresh every week with a whole new batch of music based on you and your listening habits. Whenever you discover tracks you like you can easily add them into your collection or send them off to join your own playlists.

Pandora say: “This is the beginning of a whole suite of themed playlists that we will automatically build and tailor to each Premium user. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out even more themes for you to unlock. So sit back, put on a playlist, and enjoy the soundtrack to your every mood.”

You can find your personalised playlists from the Featured Playlists section of Browse.