Image Credit: Pandora

Pandora Charts is a new website from the Sirius XM-owned, US-based music streaming service, housing all three of their weekly charts.

Pandora have made it easier than ever for anyone to view their three charts. These charts show how Pandora listeners are reacting to content on the platform, providing an insight into popular and emerging artists and tracks.

All three charts show the position of each track/artist, it’s position compared to last week and how many weeks it’s featured. You can play any individual track, the chart as a whole, subscribe for weekly emails or copy the link to share it with friends.

  • Top Thumb Hundred – Published every Sunday afternoon, this chart ranks recent releases based on the number of thumbs up in the last 30 days. Top Thumb Hundred is a great indication of well-received tracks in the first week of release.
  • Trendsetters – Published every Monday afternoon, excluding artists the algorithm considers “mainstream”, Trendsetters lists 100 emerging artists, based on the number of users adding the artist’s station in the last 30 days. This is great way to discover the next big artist.
  • Top Spins – Published every Monday afternoon, this chart features the top 100 spinning songs in the last 30 days. Tracks are removed after sixteen weeks to keep the chart fresh, unless it’s climbing in position, which Pandora calls a “hot streak”.

Find all three charts on Pandora’s new site at

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