Pandora are making it simple for artists to see all of the places that their music has been featured on Pandora by their team.

Pandora have added the ‘Programming Placements’ module into their AMP platform for artists. Found inside the Insights tab, the new section shows artists all of the playlists and stations where Pandora’s team of curators have selected their music to be promoted and placed in.

The top of the new section features a search bar where artists can look for specific tracks and see where they have been placed and featured. When artists see a feature in a playlist or station that they want to share with the world then there is a Share button just for that. Easily share the link on your socials with all your fans.

Please note that this module will only populate if your music has been programmed by Pandora’s curation programming team. If you’re looking for more information on where your music is being played, don’t fret – Next Big Sound shows the top play sources for artists in the Playlists & Discovery section including sources where Pandora’s Music Genome has deemed your music a good fit. 

Hoping to get noticed? The Profile Tab on artist profiles in AMP now includes an easy-to-share link to your station so you can point your fans to your profile on Pandora. The more activity and streaming data we have for your music, the more likely our curation programming team will see it.