Pandora have introduced Stories, a way for creators to share playlists that are glued together with the narrative feel of a podcast.

Pandora Stories is a valuable new tool that the music streaming service have added to their suite of marketing tools for creators. Designed as a new way for creators to connect with their fans, Stories re-invent the possibilities of custom playlists.

With Pandora Stories you can create a playlist of music, or comedy tracks, and connect with voice tracks that you or someone else record. This means you can narrate the sequence, talk on each selection and why you’ve picked it, create an atmosphere, whatever you like really. Bring playlists to life in a way you never could before.

Pandora Stories opens music-driven storytelling to a wider realm of creators – musicians, actors, filmmakers, athletes, celebs, authors, podcasters, though leaders – giving them access to Pandora’s expansive catalog of fully-licensed songs to contextualise their stories with intimate detail.

Pandora’s chief product officer, Chris Philips said: “Pandora Stories exemplifies our commitment to continually innovate for both our listeners and for artists and creators of all kinds using the power of music and audio storytelling tools. Pandora’s first-of-its-kind Artist Marketing Platform set the standard for empowering creators in the music streaming space, and continues to lead the way.”

Pandora’s vice president of artist marketing and industry relations, Jeff Zuchowski added: “Podcasts can tell stories about music, but it’s difficult to include full songs, and regular playlists have songs but lack personal content from the artists behind them. We’ve created Pandora Stories to fill that void, bringing together the greatest strengths of both podcasts and playlists, and giving the artists the opportunity to connect with listeners on a uniquely deep and personal level.”

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