When you’re at a loss for words in your iMessage chats why not just send a track that perfectly describes your feelings? Now you can thanks to Pandora.

Pandora have launched an extension for Apple’s iMessage so that you can say what you want to say through music. With Pandora’s new sharing features you can play songs and discover new music all from your iMessage chats.

Share a track that you like with your friend and they can hop onto Pandora and begin a radio stream based off of that track, creating a unique station between you and your friends or family. There are a number of ways to can decide to share music, whether you’re loving the track you’re listening to and want to share it or whether you want to express yourself through a specific track.

Pandora gave some examples of  how you can use it:
  • Jamming out to your favourite Pandora station and discover a song that’s fire: Open the iMessage extension and your current track will immediately pop up under Now Playing.
  • At a loss for words mid-conversation, but know a specific song that totally sums up how you feel: Search Pandora’s entire catalog of music within the iMessage extension by typing the track name in the Search bar.
  • Trying to set the mood, capture a moment, or express yourself… but you want to leave it to the experts: Pandora’s curators handpick share-worthy track suggestions that are perfect for discovering the right track in every situation.

When you share a track on iMessage the other person(s) can listen to a sample directly from iMessage or open up Pandora and play the full track. If they like it they can carry on streaming for a radio station of similar tracks  and discover new music.Pandora’s iMessage will also come with a pack of 12 stickers so that you can react to the music appropriately.

You can download the  Pandora extension form the App Store icon in an iMessage chat with iOS 10.