Free Pandora alternatives outside of the US

When Pandora launched in 2000, it was unique in its offering of personalized radio experiences to US users. Since then many streamers offer similar features and are available worldwide.

Pandora offers personalized internet radio stations, playing songs with similar traits and learning your likes and dislikes based on thumb up/down. Since its inception, it has built up a library comparable to most other streaming platforms and offers features similar to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Pandora is accessible via web browser and the mobile app, has a free model as well as paid subscriptions for premium/ad-free features.

Pandora is unfortunately only available in the US, but there are many streaming platforms outside the US that offer music streaming and personalized radio experiences for free.

Spotify Home

Still king of music streaming and for good reason. 286 million users marks Spotify as the largest music streaming platform in the world. It’s available in 79 markets and has a whole host of features even on its free model.

  • Over 50 million songs
  • Access to podcasts and audiobooks
  • Ad-supported
  • Mobile apps
  • 160kbps quality
  • Create radio stations
Spotify Station

If you enjoy the experience, get three months of Premium before June 30th.

Deezer Home

French music streaming platform Deezer deliver music to 14 million monthly active users. Deezer is available pretty much everywhere, with their site stating 180+ countries.

  • Over 56 million songs
  • Ad-supported
  • Mobile apps
  • 128kbps quality
  • Create radio stations
Deezer Station

YouTube Music
YouTube Music Home

The evolution of Google Play Music, YouTube Music heavily emphasises music videos. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music come bundled as one. Both services have over 20 million paying users. YouTube Music is available in 95 countries and delivers the following features to free users:

  • Over 30 million songs
  • Ad-supported
  • Mobile apps
  • Unlimited skipping
  • 128kbps quality
  • Create radio stations
YouTube Music Station

Amazon Music
Amazon Music Home

Amazon have a few different music services. Amazon Music Unlimited offers your standard streaming experience, Prime Music is bundled with Prime memberships and offers a stripped down version of Music Unlimited, Amazon Music HD streams hi-res audio, and their Download Store allows your to purchase digital music. Amazon Music (the free version of Amazon Music Unlimited) is available in 46 countries and offers:

  • Over 60 million songs
  • Ad-supported
  • Mobile apps
  • 256kbps quality
  • Create radio stations
Amazon Music Station

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