Pandora partner with SoundCloud to launch a new hip-hop station for up-and-coming stars

Continuing their partnership with SoundCloud, SiriusXM bring The Lookout show to their music streaming service Pandora.

Pandora shuts down Next Big Sound for good

Farewell to Next Big Sound – the team behind the music tracker tool will now focus on Pandora AMP instead.

Spotify vs. Pandora – comparing the features, catalogue and price of the two music streaming services

We compare the features, cost and catalogue of the two streaming services to help you decide where to spend your subscription money.

Why does Amuse not distribute to Pandora?

Amuse distribute to many of the same top stores, streaming services and social platform as RouteNote, but miss a key partner.

Does UnitedMasters distribute to Pandora?

UnitedMasters distribute to many of the same top stores and streaming services as RouteNote, but hide some behind a yearly subscription.

Pandora launches Track Reporting insights for artists

Track Reporting is a free marketing tool for Pandora artists, revealing useful performance data for songs on Pandora.

Pandora’s users continue to drop as SiriusXM publish their Q1 2021 earnings

SiriusXM’s Q1 2021 financial results show Pandora’s continued drop in monthly active users and ad-supported listener hours.

Pandora’s new widget for iOS and iPadOS gives streamers quick access to music and podcasts

Available today, Pandora’s latest update gives iOS and iPadOS users quick access to music and podcasts right from the home screen.

Pandora announce new Artist Takeovers on some of the most popular stations

Some of Pandora’s biggest artists such as Dua Lipa, Florida Georgia Line, Calibre 50 and Foo Fighters takeover Pandora’s stations.