Pandora launch a new charts website for Top Thumb Hundred, Trendsetters, and Top Spins

Pandora Charts is a new website from the Sirius XM-owned, US-based music streaming service, housing all three of their weekly charts.

Pandora shuts down Next Big Sound for good

Farewell to Next Big Sound – the team behind the music tracker tool will now focus on Pandora AMP instead.

Pandora launches Track Reporting insights for artists

Track Reporting is a free marketing tool for Pandora artists, revealing useful performance data for songs on Pandora.

Pandora celebrate their 1000th ‘Story’ with top artists, here’s how you can make yours

Artists have shared over 1000 stories about themselves on Pandora and to celebrate their bringing Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Katy Perry, and many more together for a Greatest Hits. Pandora Stories were launched…

How to claim your artist profile on different streaming services

Once your music is up on streaming services, which you can do for free with RouteNote, you can take control of your profile to customise it and get in-depth, real-time statistics on many of the…

Pandora AMP’s new insights give artists the inside scoop on their music

Artists can go deep into their music on Pandora with a whole new section for analytics on the creator platform AMP. Pandora’s AMP dashboard gives artist’s a comprehensive look at how their music fits into…