Pandora launches monthly webinars on music promotion for artists

In case you didn’t know Pandora have an entire platform for music promotion and their new tutorials will have you marketing in new ways in no time.

Pandora are launching regular webinars to introduce new users to their promotional platform and help artists already on AMP to make the most of their huge artist promotion platform.

‘An Introduction to AMP’ gives users a complete demonstration of how to get started with AMP and use its wide range of tools. They promise that this monthly webinar will have a particular focus on “unique applications that are even more relevant during these strange times”. Tune in May 6th at 11am Pacific time.

Their other monthly webinar is ‘Office Hours’ which will focus on helping out active AMP users. The series will allow users to connect with one of Pandora’s team to answer questions, help out with issues, chat about ideas and much more. This begins May 13th at 11am Pacific time.

Pandora’s AMP is a long-standing platform offering artists unique ways to promote their music. There are a bunch of tools on AMP for pushing music including easy concert ticket integration, audio messages for fans on Pandora, and insights into how your music is doing to advise how and where to push it.

If your music is on Pandora, which it can be for free with RouteNote, then taking advantage of AMP gives you control over your profile and statistics with the potential to boost your music and connections way further.

Here’s just a peek at what you can get when you use AMP:

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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