Pandora Premium is now streaming on Amazon Echo speakers

Amazon Echo users just got another Premium music streaming option for their connected speakers with Pandora Premium.

Amazon Echo users have been spoilt for choice lately when it comes to music streaming services. Last week Jay-Z’s celebrity endorsed, high quality music streaming service Tidal landed on Echo speakers and now Pandora Premium are streaming their catalogue on Amazon’s speakers.

Pandora has been available on Amazon Echo’s speakers before now but only for their radio streaming services. Now Pandora Premium subscribers have full, unlimited music streaming access to Pandora’s entire catalogue and can tell Alexa to play what they want without having to set up a shuffled stream.

Amazon’s Echo speakers are now capable of playing music from Amazon’s own music services, Spotify, Deezer, and of course recently Tidal. Users can also set Pandora as their default streaming service so that when you ask Alexa to play music she will grab the tracks automatically from Pandora. Third party Alexa-enabled devices that aren’t Echo speakers also now support Pandora.

Pandora is now available on all Alexa enabled devices.

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