Pandora launch their newest feature for artists

Pandora’s new Catalog for artists makes sharing music and podcasts with fans even better and resolving publishing issues a breeze.

Pandora have a new tab on their artist promotion platform: AMP. The new Catalog tab brings all an artist’s content into one central place making it simple to view and sort through all the music they have on the streaming platform.

Every artist can now find their Catalog when they access their AMP profile showing all content they have live on Pandora. The tab shows a comprehensive list of their catalog at a track level.

The Catalog makes it even easier for artists to share their music on Pandora Premium. Using a direct link to share Premium Access, fans will be able to watch a short video and access music or comedy with Pandora Premium privileges.

Using an integration with MRI/Songdex artists can use this list to easily resolve publishing blocks stopping the music being available on all 3 of Pandora’s available services to users. AMP user and artist manager, Sarah Manha from The Sound Club says: “The Pandora AMP Catalog Tab is so great for clearing publishing rights issues through MRI. It’s a huge time saver, so helpful.”

If you’re an artist find your new Catalog tab on your AMP profile now. If you don’t have AMP, then you’re missing out! Take control over your music on Pandora and gain unique insights:

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