Pandora are putting the power into your hands with complete Sonos control straight from Pandora music’s mobile apps.

This week Pandora integrated Sonos into their mobile apps so that you can connect and control your listening experience all from one app. Unlike services like Spotify, Pandora is giving almost entire control over your Sonos speakers.

Spotify Connect added Sonos control last year however it was limited to music controls like play, pause, skip and the rest. In addition Spotify required you to be a paying subscriber to access the controls. Pandora are giving the power to all their users and are even adding grouping controls so you can group and un-group speakers directly from the Pandora app.

Sonos recently announced that they were integrating Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa into their speakers so they can be used as smart speakers. Pandora are adding Alexa support on Sonos as well so that you can tell it the music you want to listen to and it will play.

Pandora claim that they are the most popular music service streamed on Sonos speakers. Pandora claimed 250 million hours of music were listened through their platform on Sonos so far this year. That speaker streaming success is showing no signs of stopping either as they note that listening across all smart speakers is rising rapidly with a 300% increase year-on-year.

You may be surprised to hear that Pandora is in fact the most popular streaming service in all of the US. Whilst services like Spotify and Apple Music may have more notoriety Pandora’s unique radio-style streaming as well as easy, free access has drawn in hundreds of millions of listeners.

Pandora on Sonos is available now in American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US, and the Virgin Islands (US). If you’re a Pandora listener with a Sonos speaker you can find out more about the power you’ve received here.