Your drives just got a whole lot more musical with Waze who have added 7 new music partners so that there is never a dull moment on your journeys.

Waze have been helping people to get where they’re going for over 10 years and with their latest partners they’re helping people to enjoy the journey even more. Soundtrack your journey with 7 different music streaming services now built in to Waze’s app so that listening to music whilst navigating your journey is seamless and most importantly safe.

For many music is a necessity when driving so the addition of Pandora, Deezer, iHeartRadio, NPR One, Scribd, Stitcher, and TuneIn will be a very welcome addition. The Waze audio player makes it simple to choose and play music whilst you’re on the go without requiring you to leave the map or interfering with the map of your journey telling you where to go and is designed so that it won’t distract you whilst your driving. It’s built so that you can control your audio app of choice and even switch between them all within the Waze app.

Waze’s new partners means that you can choose from music streaming, radio, audiobooks, podcasts and news when you’re on the go from their variety of apps. Until now Waze’s Audio Player has worked exclusively with their first partner Spotify, offering music streaming on the go, but now users have their choice of services. To use your audio app of choice in Waze you need to ensure you have the latest version of both apps and then you’ll need to sync Waze and the other app for the first time only, then it will work forever.

Their new partners have launched in a beta so aren’t available across the board for both iOS and Android although they are planning to roll every service out for every smartphone OS by the end of the year. You can see what is available currently below:

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