SiriusXM and Pandora look to come together to provide your music needs in and out of the car for one discount price.

Last February the US’ favourite car-streaming service, SiriusXM, acquired Pandora to make a music streaming powerhouse. Reports say that both services are considering the potential of a music bundle that offers a subscription to both at a discounted price.

SiriusXM offers thousands of satellite radio stations and is primarily car-based, though they have since expanded to desktops and smartphones. Pandora meanwhile offers a more traditional on-demand music streaming service with a station-based system that creates algorithmically tuned mixes of music.

Since the acquisition they’ve continued to operate mostly independently with a few crossovers, like a Pandora station of popular songs on SiriusXM and some of the satellite radio streamer’s talk shows coming to Pandora. A bundle would be a great way to consolidate their separate user-bases.

Currently Pandora offers a free tier with adverts and limited streaming options. They then offer Pandora Plus for $4.99 a month, which offers an ad-free version of their automated radio station style streaming. At $9.99, Pandora Premium gives listeners full, on-demand access to over 40 million songs.

On the other hand SiriusXM’s packages start at $5 a month for in-car listening and streaming at home on the Amazon Echo Dot. For $8.25 users can stream SiriusXM’s stations outside of the car on any device.

A bundle could be a very attractive offer for in-car and at home listeners, though they haven’t revealed any information on which tiers a package would offer. They have confirmed that they’ve been testing cross-promotions with discounts for subscribers who sign up to both.

SiriusXM and Pandora Chief Product Officer and Head of Technology, Chris Phillips said: “We’re giving listeners choice. But when we give them choice, we want them to be able to have the best of what we offer in many places. In the future, the idea that there’s a single opportunity – we’re looking at what that might be.”

SiriusXM entered 2020 with 34.9 million subscribers after a big year thanks to taking their service outside of the car as well as their acquisition of Pandora. This made for a significant year in growth and expansion for SiriusXM.

SiriusXM CEO, Jim Meyer said: “Last year was a milestone for SiriusXM. Not only did we achieve our tenth consecutive year of million-plus self pay net additions, but we also completed our acquisition of Pandora Media and made significant investments in our business, all while returning more than $2 billion to our stockholders. And our new 2020 guidance points to what should be another excellent year of growth for SiriusXM.”