The Pandora owned music tracker Next Big Sound will now let you know when people are loving your music.

Next Big Sound is the social media and music streaming tracking platform for artists and fans that helps you know exactly how you’re performing over the web. A new update brings notifications to Next Big Sound so wherever you are you can be in the know when you’re popping off.

Notifications are a single email that alerts you to notable streaming and social spikes for all the artists you follow on Next Big Sound. ​This allows them to share data science research directly with artists and their teams, so you can spend less time looking at dashboards, and more time being creative.

In a release statement, Next Big Sound said: “Delivering data-driven analytics to hundreds of thousands of artists over the years has taught us something that may sound surprising: Data is not just about numbers. People come to Next Big Sound to find their social and streaming data aggregated in one place, but they also want to understand context surrounding that data.

“Knowing when something exceptional is happening is the first step, discovering why is what really matters. For each graph we send, we also aim to pinpoint the events that likely caused the change. We do this by including the most engaging social posts surrounding that spike.”

Pandora Next Big Sound tracking streaming social data analytics notifications

Next Big Sound notifications will alert you about:

  • Know when your audience reach and/or engagement is picking up across streaming and social networks
  • Understand what caused a spike with associated events
  • Validate the effects of the moves you’re making
  • Catch opportunities to re-engage your fans

We all know how annoying constant unnecessary notifications from apps can be so Next Big Sound have built theirs to only provide the most relevant and important information. They say: “We built Notifications atop years of historical data and data science research, so we only send you what is exceptional and noteworthy. Each notification comes with a graph and relevant events to explain why an artist is trending. Need even more context? You are one click away from more extensive reporting on Next Big Sound.

“We define an alert when the value for a day is well outside of the expected range from the previous 40 days. In more technical terms, an alert is triggered when the observed value is outside of 4 standard deviations from the exponentially weighted moving average generated over the previous 40 days. You gotta love your standard deviations.”

Notifications are free, and are for everyone. If you are already signed up to Next Big Sound, all you have to do is follow the artists you’d like to be notified about.

Not a user yet? Signing up only takes a few seconds. If you or an artist you work with isn’t already on Next Big Sound, adding a profile is a few clicks away.