How many Pandora users are there in 2022?

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Does anyone use Pandora anymore? SiriusXM 2022 Q1 financial results show a decline in Pandora active listeners – but its not all bad news.

Are Pandora’s user numbers dropping? Yes, according to SiriusXM’s financial results for the first quarter of 2022.  

Online radio and streaming service Pandora’s active listeners declined from 55.9 million last year to 50.6 million this year. The decline follows last year’s downward trend, which saw Pandora user numbers fall from 60.9 million in Q1 2020.

Will the fall in users continue as we head through 2022? Last October a report by eMarketer projected Pandora users would keep falling, and so far that report appears to be right – it predicted a drop to 51.5 active users in 2022.

Why are user numbers falling? Pandora has stiff competition from rivals like Spotify and Apple Music, which SiriusXM acknowledged would continue to worsen over time. Other streaming services have caught up with the personalised music recommendations that Pandora used to specialise in.

Does anyone still use Pandora?

The drop in active users isn’t a death knell for the platform, however. SiriusXM’s results showed the number of paying subscribers has grown. The increase is small – 4,000 users – but it’s a positive development.

50.6 million active listeners – that’s still a lot of people listening to music on Pandora. If you’re an independent artist, Pandora is still a great place get your tracks in front of new listeners.

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