Google Play Music are bringing podcasts to Android for the first time in a native app.

Google Play Music have long touted their mood-driven playlists as their standout features with playlists for every occasion, time of day, emotion and just about anything you’d want to base a playlist’s theme on. Now Google are bringing podcasts to their streaming service.

Yesterday Google announced through Android’s blog that they would begin offering podcasts on Google Play Music. The self-defined “portal for podcasters” is open for podcasters to upload their shows before the service is opened up to the public for listening.

Google promise a similar level of curation to their playlists saying: “The service will connect new listeners with podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or what they’re interested in.” Although there is no doubt that Google want to bring in existing listeners with their new service it seems they are also passionate about introducing podcasts to those who have never listened to podcasts before.

This will be the first time podcasts are featured anywhere on a native Android app, the hopes of this being to introduce an entirely new audience to podcasting. Apple’s devices have always been the home for podcasts, the format’s name being based on the iPod.

According to survey research by Edison, roughly 55% of US podcast listeners use iPhones to listen to them. Until now Android users have had to rely on web browsers or third-party apps to access podcasts so Google’s introduction could mark a large shift for podcasting, in both popularity of podcasts and the device on which they are popular.

Google are already working with a number of popular podcasters and podcast networks to offer to users. Here are some of the podcasters Google have announced so far:


Dan Carlin

Dave Ramsey


Feral Audio

Gimlet Media


Head Gum


Loud Speakers Network

Nerdist / Legendary

Public Radio International

Radiotopia / PRX

Sideshow Network

Slate / Panoply

StarTalk Radio

This Week in Tech

Tim Ferriss

Podcasts will be available to users on both the paid and free tiers of Google Play Music. Google haven’t announced when podcasts will be available to listeners but podcasters can start uploading their podcasts here.