Google have introduced their own version of Spotify’s massively popular Discover Weekly playlist, exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S8.

In April Samsung released their new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Last month Samsung made Google Play Music the default music player/service for all of their smartphones. However now the Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting a special, exclusive Google Play Music perk.

New Release Radio is a new radio that plays a stream of new music that has been personalised around your tastes. Whilst Google already offer a section for New Releases as well as one’s they would recommend with New Release Radio you can just press play and lean back to a variety of new music tuned to your taste buds.

Whilst Spotify’s Discover Weekly updates weekly, according to Android Authority, Google’s New Release Radio will update every day. This means that you can come back to a new personalised mix of the latest music every day for a fresh taste.

It doesn’t seem clear why Google have decided to make the new feature a device exclusive, especially considering how popular a feature it has been for Spotify. It’s also unlikely to convert users from other services if their already using a phone with GPM as the default music app.

Whatever their reasoning, here’s hoping that New Release Radio expands beyond the Galaxy S8 soon.