Google are no longer selling music on the Play Store

Google Play’s music offerings are officially no more. At the start of this month the Google Play Music streaming service shut down and the Play Store’s music library for official downloads has gone as well.

Those who have purchased music from the Google Play store in the past will still be able to get their music, at least for now. Through Google Takeout users can download their previously purchased music, music wishlists and reviews, and a list of the tracks, playlists, and radio stations in their library.

Google Play Music users can also transfer their music library to YouTube Music so they don’t lose all of the music they have saved to their accounts. They can do this with the click of a button by heading to

Google users have until the end of the year before their data will be wiped on both. So if you’ve been collecting a music library over the years, do not hesitate to download your purchases and get your music moved!

If you’re looking to move your library to another music service than YouTube Music then we wrote about a service which does this – not perfectly, but certainly makes it quicker than manually clicking each artist over!

RouteNote users who have uploaded to Google Play Music in the past: Your music has been automatically added to YouTube Music and they will now be our partner. This change will be made in the stores selector page in the coming weeks.

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