RouteNote recently partnered with Pandora so that you can get your music on the most popular streaming service of 2016 for FREE. With a bunch of great tools for artists as well, this is a store you won’t want to miss out on.

Pandora Internet Radio is a streaming music service that ranked as the most popular streaming service last year, even beating Spotify. With roughly 28% of listening on streaming services coming from Pandora it’s a massive platform for artists to get their music heard on.

Thanks to RouteNote’s recent partnership with Pandora you can now upload your music to Pandora Internet Radio absolutely free, alongside all the other major stores and streaming services we provide to.

Pandora are committed to helping artists connect with fans and grow their careers and that’s why they offer a bunch of excellent insights, marketing and promotion tools for free. If you’re music is being uploaded to 2016’s top streamer then you will definitely want to be making use of these tools to grow your career.

Check them out and start boosting your music career:

Next Big Sound – Follow your performance and learn about your fans

Next Big Sound is Pandora’s powerful platform for detailed insights into the performance of your music as well as information about the industry to help inform your marketing efforts and drive your music careers forward.

Both RouteNote and Pandora recommend using Next Big Sound as it’s an incredibly valuable tool in keeping up with how your music is performing.  NBS combines data and insights so that you can easily view your demographics, performance, geodata and much more helping you to reach your specific audiences and letting you keep track of your music at all times.

Next Big Sound has established itself as the leading provider of music industry analytics and serves one master, YOU the artist. It’s a comprehensive platform that artists shouldn’t miss out on whether they’ve just launched their first single or are at the top of the charts.

Don’t miss out on all the valuable insights for your music. You can sign up to NBS for FREE from

Find out more here.

AMP – Market and Promote yourself to grow fan bases + listens

Pandora AMP is another free tool that has been designed as a powerful yet simple way to spread your reach and grow your music. Unique marketing tools which combine into exclusive ‘Campaigns’ on Pandora provide a ridiculously easy way to engage personally with fans and spread your music to new fans.

Marketing yourself is one of the most important parts of a music career, otherwise how will people hear you? That’s why we think that all artists on Pandora should be making use of Pandora AMP.

You can claim your artist profile for AMP on Pandora here:

Here are the brilliant tools you should make use of with Pandora AMP:

AMPcast – AMPcast lets you engage with fans wherever you are. Using AMPcast you can create a voice message on your smartphone and share it alongside your music on Pandora and even share it on social media. This is an excellent way of creating personal rapport with your audience which will keep fans coming back and appeal to new listeners.

AMPcast doesn’t just promote engagement but also gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your fans, no matter how many there are. Pandora found that AMPcast messages with a call to action gained 2-8x more clicks than usual.

Reggae rock band Iration used AMPcast to promote their tour and in 2 weeks earned 110,000 listeners, 65,000 views and a 4.11% click through rate.

Find out more here.

Artist Audio Messages – AAM’s allow you to create messages like AMPcast that are shared on your Pandora page and social media. The difference with AAM is that it creates a ‘Campaign’ which can feature multiple messages and even Featured Tracks for promotion of a project or event.

AAM’s can also be scheduled and geo-targeted for a precise marketing tool that can increase engagement by 2-3x.

Find out more here.

Featured Tracks – This is a remarkable tool for artists that allows you to feature a particular track to accelerate discovery and feedback for up to 8 weeks. Featured Track’s also create their own ‘Campaign’ allowing you to add audio messages for a unique promotion of your song.

When you select a Featured Track it will receive extra promotion on Pandora stations and will be more easily available to existing fans. This results in a boost of plays and increased performance insights when used with Next Big Sound.

Find out more here.

Pandora recently upgraded AMP with a massive bunch of new features that makes it an invaluable tool for getting yourself out there as an artist.

Music Genome Project

The Music Genome Project is the pride and joy of Pandora and is what powers it’s music curation. Pandora have been using the Genome Project for more than 10 years to uniquely analyse music and create a database of knowledge that provides a personalised listening experience like no other.

Artists should use the Genome Project as it makes their music much more likely to be discovered on Pandora’s stations as it can analyse the elements of your music to fit it with other appropriate tracks and artists. If you’re approved by the Genome Project’s curators your music will be intelligently placed in streams of music similar to yours to target the audiences most likely to like and save your music.

Anyone can submit their music to Genome to be reviewed by Pandora’s curators and if it meets their standards it gets onboarded for precise recommendations.

You can submit your music to Pandora’s Music Genome Project for free here:

Pandora says of the project:

We believe each individual has a unique relationship with music – no one has tastes that are exactly the same. So delivering a great experience to every listener requires a broad and deep understanding of music.

Our team of trained musicologists has been listening to music across all genres and decades, including emerging artists and new releases, studying and collection musical details on every track – 450 musical attributes altogether.

The result of all our work is a personalised listening experience filled with both old favourites and new discoveries.

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All this and more is available when you distribute your music through RouteNote to Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal and many more!

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