Now you and the whole family can enjoy unlimited music streaming on Pandora together for one cheap monthly price.

Pandora Radio launched it’s Premium service last year, offering unlimited music streaming of their entire catalogue without ads. Now as they look to convert more and more users on to their paid subscription tier Pandora have launched a family plan which allows 6 different Pandora accounts full Premium access for the low monthly price of $14.99.

Compared to the regular price of $9.99 a month the Family plan offers a massive discount depending on how many people you split it between. Pandora Premium Family offers up full, ad-free music streaming of their library, the ability to download music to your device for offline listening, and creating your own radio stations and custom playlists.

Pandora are hoping to convert more of their 80 million monthly free listeners over to a paid subscription as they look to move to a Spotify-like music streaming model. Pandora built a giant audience in the US thanks to it’s free music streaming presented in a custom, radio style which combines your own choice of music with their curated/algorithmically selected mixes based on artists, tracks and genres.

Pandora Premium Family will offer up a unique playlist for Family plans which combines the tastes of everyone on the Family Plan. Whether you want to be hearing a mix of whoever your subscribed with’s music is another question but ‘Our Soundtrack’ offers just that in a regularly updated package of combined tastes.

You can sign up to a Pandora Premium Family plan now with friends or family and save money on a subscription. Whilst the subscription will be grouped you will each have access to your own Pandora library’s so you can get your own personal selection and curated recommendations. If you’re already subscribed to Pandora you can upgrade to a Family plan from the subscription menu.