Deezer brings podcasts to everyone in Israel

The French music streaming service aren’t missing out on the growing podcast world and are now making theirs available in Israel.

Whilst many might not realise it with Spotify’s growing domination in the podcast game, nabbing the likes of Joe Budden for exclusive distribution – Deezer have actually been doing it a lot longer. After years of offering podcasts to many of their users, Deezer are expanding the reach of their ‘Shows’ section.

All users, free and paid, in Israel can now tune in to their wide range of podcasts covering 13 categories; including news, politics, business, kids content, education, sports, and more. Listeners can discover recommended and popular podcasts which include a range of Deezer Originals, exclusive to their service.

Chief Content and Strategy Officer at Deezer, Alexander Holland said: “I regularly binge on podcasts in the evenings. I wish I could understand Hebrew as I’d love to enjoy some of the local podcasts that we offer in Israel. But better you than me!

“Just don’t blame me when you get addicted and can’t stop playing,” he adds. They are promising to keep updating their offerings with new content in Hebrew and of course other languages.

Deezer Shows are now available in Israel on mobile and desktop.

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