Where are you getting discovered on Pandora?

When new listeners roll in you want to know how they’re finding you and Pandora have made it easy to see exactly where your new fans are discovering your music.

With the digital revolution came music streaming and with that came the ability to see who’s listening to your music from all over the world, in real-time. Pandora’s Next Big Sound makes that simple for any artists with their music on Pandora and the platform is getting better every month with new data for musicians.

Pandora have just released a new Playlists & Discovery section on Next Big Sound, allowing artists to delve into the top radio stations, playlists and on-demand sources where listeners are discovering their music. The new section gives an even deeper insight into the power of playlisting in music discovery in the streaming age of music. It follows last month’s giant Next Big Sound update when Pandora opened up streaming data for each artist so they could see their unique listeners and how many streams their tracks are racking up.

Pandora next big sound data streaming analytics streams playlists discovery

Pandora make a note of how many artists will find that their music is being listened to more on other artists’ stations than their own. This is because Pandora’s artist stations are prioritised around discovery of similar artists, so fans of a particular artist can listen to their radio stream and Pandora will offer up a range of new artists they think listeners will like based on their similarities or listeners in common.

Pandora have broken down where streams come from in three distinct brackets:

  1. Streams an artist is getting for their music on their own artist station
  2. Streams an artist is getting for their music on other stations (i.e. other artist stations or genre stations)
  3. Streams an artist is getting from on-demand sources (i.e. on-demand album plays, track plays, playlists)

This feature is available starting today for all Pandora AMP-Authenticated artists and labels on Next Big Sound.

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