Deezer are launching Hi-Fi streaming in Japan

Deezer plan to go high-definition in Japan with their Hi-Fi streaming tier launching this month for the country.

Deezer will offer FLAC quality music files for streaming in Japan as they launch a high-definition tier of their streaming service there. Users will be able to sign up for a 3-month trial of Hi-Fi streaming for free after which the subscription costs ¥1,960 per month ($17.40) however it doesn’t seem like their free streaming will be an option..

The Japanese streaming market are reportedly excited about Deezer’s presence in the country discussing their entry into the market at last weeks Tokyo Dance Music Event. Director of Awa, Japan’s 5th largest streaming service, Tetsutaro Ono says that Deezer will be the 10th streaming service to launch in Japan following peers like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. Ono says he’s confident that Japan’s streaming market can grow to ¥50bn.

Deezer’s CEO for Asia, Henrik Carlberg said: “As a leader in the Asian music market, I will be able to start services in Japan that also emphasise artists, design, technology and innovation, and Onkyo & Pioneer and Yamaha, we are pleased to be able to offer Deezer Hi-Fi in partnership with both companies that have innovative brands in the technology industry.

“Deezer is a pioneer in music streaming services from partners, record companies. We believe that we can provide better services for artists, management companies and fans by providing support. It delivers Deezer Hi-Fi to Japan and all the world music fans, a whole new music experience. In addition to delivering Japanese music scenes I will make an effort to establish a new brand that I can support in Japanese music.”

Japan’s music streaming sphere is quickly growing but they still face the issue of some artists not being available there. Ono suggests that there will be deals in 2018 that will solve this issue, saying: “Next year we have something surprising: artists you wouldn’t expect. So the market is going to change as well.”

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