Rdio has confirmed it will shut down on December 22nd after it’s acquisition by Pandora, however Rdio are letting you download your music collection to import and view.

After the news that Pandora would be acquiring and shutting down Rdio it has been confirmed that Rdio will officially shut down on the 22nd December. However Rdio have set up a function so that you can download your collection of music, favourites and playlists in a number of formats to transfer to other streaming services.

On their website Rdio say:

Rdio is being acquired, and the service is shutting down worldwide on December 22. We’re excited to bring great music experiences to even more listeners in the future as part of the Pandora team.

We’re honored to have connected you with the music you love. We know you want to find a home for that music, so we’re providing ways for you to take it with you.

Rdio then gives you a short overview of your account’s activity showing when you joined, your first listened track, most played track, most played album and your total listening time. In the middle of the page is a button that takes you to the page where you can download all your music into a zip file.

Your Rdio collection will come in four file formats that work with third-party importing tools, spreadsheets, plain text viewers and data-interchange format “recommended for pros”.  More good news that might make up for losing Rdio is that Spotify have unveiled their Rdio to Spotify importer so you can easily import your library into Spotify.

Spotify Rdio importer

Once your library’s transferred your playlists will be added to Spotify, artists you liked on Rdio will be followed on Spotify and saved tracks and albums will be imported. As we say farewell to Rdio at least we can find comfort in our old music stockpiles from the retiring music streaming service.

Export your Rdio collection: www.rdio.com/farewell/instructions

Import Rdio to Spotify: import.spotify.com/rdio