People love discovering new music when they’re streaming and Pandora’s latest playlist will be dropping fresh cuts just for you every single day.

Pandora have just revealed a new daily playlist for Premium listeners. ‘The Drop’ is a personal playlist that will keep listeners in the loop with all the latest music that they care about as soon as it hits stores and streaming services.

The playlist will use “state of the art machine learning models” to create custom playlists for each user based on the music they already love and what Pandora thinks they will love based on that. The playlist updates itself as soon as new music goes live so listeners are up to date with all of the latest releases from their favourite artists amongst new music for you to discover.

Songs get added to the playlist on the day they’re released, giving listeners a reason to keep coming back for more every single day. It’s like Spotify’s lauded Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists in one awesome playlist, and you don’t have to wait a whole week for a new selection of tunes to fall in love with.

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The playlist will order tracks by the newest first so every time you revisit you can check out the latest additions first. The playlist maxes out at 100 so you don’t have to worry about missing a few days, you can scroll back through the latest 100 tracks added to the playlist and revel in all the new music Pandora knows you’ll be jamming.

Premium and trial listeners can find The Drop under the playlists tab in their My Music section. It will only show up if enough music has been listened to to gauge what a user likes listening to, so if it’s not appearing for you then you’d better get listening. Pandora say this playlist isn’t available for free listeners “for now” so ad-supported listeners may get it eventually.