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Wondering how to release music on all platforms, including Pandora? RouteNote has you covered for getting your music worldwide onto streaming services and music stores.

Pandora is one of the US’ favourite music streaming services with over 50 million listeners in the country. That’s a giant audience that could be listening to your songs. If you’re wondering how to get music on Pandora, putting your songs there is free and simple.

How do I get my music on Pandora?

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Releasing music on Pandora is as easy as creating a free account at Once you have an account you can upload as many releases as you like from as many artists as you like. It doesn’t matter if the releases are a single, EP, or a full album.

A Pandora music submission is simple and in return, we give your music global reach. You can select any stores and streaming services from our partners to distribute your music to, including; Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, TIDAL, YouTube Music, and many many more platforms around the world like Flo in South Korea and Anghami in the Middle East.

RouteNote is the leading independent music distributor in Europe. We’ve been helping unsigned artists and indie record labels to get music online since 2007 and cover 95% of the digital market.

Free distribution to the world

When you submit to Pandora through RouteNote and choose Free distribution there are zero fees and you keep 85% of your earnings once your music starts earning royalties. Alternatively, pick Premium distribution and keep 100% of revenue for a yearly payment of $9.99 and different prices for different releases:

  • Single: (1 track) – $10
  • EP: (2-6 tracks) – $20
  • Album: (7-18 tracks) – $30
  • Extended Album: (19+ tracks) – $45

Check out our tiers here.

Whether you’re an unsigned artist or independent label, everything is transparent with RouteNote, and you always keep ownership of your tracks. You’ll never have to sign a complicated contract or be tricked into paying extra for Content ID on YouTube or social media monetisation on Facebook or TikTok, unlike with other distributors.

Why wait? Share your music with the world today – it’s easy!