Google Play Music Comes to South Africa

Google are bringing their music streaming service, Google Play Music, to South Africa at a discounted price.

From today Google Play Music will be available in South Africa for 49.99 rand ($3.50) a month until January 26th. Entering a market so far void of Spotify could prove profitable for Google’s music streaming service though they still face competition from Apple Music, Deezer and Rdio amongst the top-tier music streaming companies.

Google South Africa said: “Starting today, local music fans will have an unlimited pass to a huge library of music, on all of their devices, from all the major record companies, as well as top local and independent labels.”

Google’s discount offer for subscribers between now and January 26th is reportedly to make up for their late entry into the South African market. However after January 26th the price will raise to only 59.99 rand ($4.00) a month which is still cheaper than the $10 monthly price in the US, and most other places. The service also still comes with a free trial for the first three months as well.

Google Play Music is available in South Africa for Android, iOS and on web browsers now.

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