YouTube Music adds a filter to get rid of liked videos

YouTube Music has fixed an issue that saw random YouTube videos appearing in their music libraries that they had liked from the base video site.

YouTube Music has now fully taken the place of Google Play Music, however it’s in-built sharing of YouTube’s content catalogue has caused some issues. Users found that videos they liked on YouTube were being merged into mixes of their music on Google’s new primary streaming service for music.

YouTube have now fixed this so that in the user settings, YouTube Music listeners can deselect the option for liked videos from YouTube to show up in their libraries.

Whilst it would only happen for YouTube videos that were tagged music however this caused repeats of songs already in users’ libraries. Even more annoyingly it resulted in technically musical content that you wouldn’t listen to for fun in a mix, like poor quality live recordings and whatnot.

Whilst this is a welcome fix, users report that it doesn’t help the issue working in reverse. So for now, your likes on YouTube Music will carry over to the plain YouTube platform.

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