Google Play Music will stop streaming music in the next 2 months

It’s finally happening: Google Play Music is being shutdown and will stop streaming in the coming months to be completely replaced by YouTube Music before December.

It’s been years in the making and finally Google Play Music is in its twilight as Google announced that users will no longer be able to stream music from the streaming service in the coming months. It has been slowly replaced by YouTube Music and with an emphasis on bringing YT Music’s features up to match with GPM this year the time has come.

As soon as September, users in New Zealand and South Africa will no longer be able to stream music or use the Google Play Music app. Then in October the shutdown will go globally and GPM will stop streaming and working for all users around the world. 

Google will be holding onto playlists, purchases, and more until December 2020 so there will still be time to transfer libraries. After December all Google Play Music libraries will be deleted for good, Google says.

Earlier this year they launched a library transfer tool for existing Google Play Music users to easily transfer their libraries over to YouTube Music. It is still available for users through the YT Music iOS and Android apps. Alternatively, users can use Google Takeout to export their data and download their purchased and uploaded music from their GPM libraries.

Google have been touting updates and additions this year to bring YouTube Music up to date with all of GPM’s features and then expand upon them further, with features such as:

  • Playlists: We’re continuously evolving the way listeners can create and enjoy playlists, including:
    • Assistive Playlist Creation – Quickly and easily create playlists by adding recommended songs based on existing songs in the playlist, as well as personalized signals, such as watch history and likes.
    • Collaborative Playlists – Collaborate with other music fans to create shared playlists for any occasion.
    • New Programmed Playlists – Explore newly launched programmed playlists like Highline, Caribbean Pulse, Conditions Underground, and more.
  • New Features and Improvements: 
    • Player Page Redesign – Updates to the player page, available for Android mobile users, provides a more modern design that allows better playback controls and easier access to related music and other features like song lyrics.
    • Explore Tab – The new Explore tab, available on both mobile and the web is the consistent destination to find new releases including albums, singles, and music videos, as well as browse our vast catalog of diverse playlists through the Moods & Genre section
  • More Ways to Enjoy YouTube Music:
    • Android TV – An update for Android TV brings YouTube Music to the big screen, letting listeners enjoy videos and live performances from their favorite artists, along with all their favorite music.
    • Google Maps – The Android integration lets listeners seamlessly listen to music and get personalized music recommendations within the Google Maps interface.
    • Discover music with Google Assistant – You can now ask your Google Home and Nest smart speakers, “Hey Google, play recommended music from YouTube Music.” Then, Google Assistant will share personalized recommendations based on your favorite artists and genres.

The YouTube team says: “For users who decide not to transfer their Google Play Music account to YouTube music, we will be sure to cancel your subscription at the end of your billing cycle so you aren’t paying for a subscription. This will happen in September in New Zealand and South Africa and in October for all other markets. And, of course, we will be sure to notify all users ahead of subscriptions being canceled.”

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