YouTube Music has 3 new playlists made just for you

YouTube Music is getting better all the time with new personalised features, with hints that it won’t be long until it replaces Google Play Music.

Google are building up YouTube Music as their flagship music streaming service. This week they’ve officially revealed 3 new playlists that will offer listeners 3 different personalised collections based on the music they love and listen to.

Each playlist presents a collection of tailored music but on different terms. There’s the Discover Mix which presents a curated selection of music YouTube reckons you won’t have heard but will love, based on your tastes. Your Mix will offer a blend of songs you already love mixed amongst new tracks for you to discover.

Finally there’s the New Release Mix. This playlist offers a weekly updated mix of new music from the artists you listen to as well as recommending new music to you based on your tastes.

YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, said onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt this week as he revealed the playlists: “We’ve gotten lots of feedback from our users about what they’d love to see and one of the things they tell us repeatedly is; they love the fact that, through a combination of things like machine learning and human beings that are music lovers, we put all this great music in front of our users in the YouTube Music app.”

As Google bolsters YouTube Music’s offerings, the signs that Google Play Music may be retired are deepening. YouTube Music has replace GPM as the pre-installed music player on Android devices. This means that most new Android devices will come with both the YouTube and YouTube Music apps pre-installed.

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