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Can you upload music to YouTube Music? Find out how RouteNote’s music distribution can help you release your music on YouTube Music – for free.

Finished a track, and want to release it on as many platforms as possible? If you want your music on YouTube Music, you’ll need a label or a digital music distributor like RouteNote. Here’s how we can help.

YouTube Music is YouTube’s music streaming service. It began life alongside Google Play Music, which was phased out and replaced with the YouTube Music platform in 2020. Now it’s YouTube’s dedicated music streaming platform, bringing YouTube’s music content to one hub for billions of listeners.

RouteNote distributes music for free to all the major streaming services – including YouTube Music. That way, your songs can be discovered on a huge variety of platforms, so more people can find and listen to your music.

Alongside YouTube Music our partners include the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, as well as streaming platforms across the world like JioSaavn in India and Tencent in China. We also offer SoundCloud monetisation, as well as helping you make money when your music is used on social media platforms like in Instagram Stories and TikTok videos. It’s as simple as selecting which stores you want to release your tracks to when you upload your music to RouteNote.

We offer unlimited music uploads to YouTube Music, free of charge. RouteNote’s free music distribution lets you keep full control over your releases, coming and going as you please, whilst keeping 85% of profits you make as people stream your songs. We also offer RouteNote Premium – for a small cost, keep 100% of revenue.

Whichever plan you choose, you always own all the rights to your music, there’s no complicated contracts to sign, and you’re never locked in.

RouteNote has supported independent artists and labels since 2007, helping DIY musicians and producers release their music across platforms and around the world. Find out more here and get your music on YouTube Music and beyond.

I write about music for RouteNote, sharing fun stuff, news, and tips and tricks for musicians and producers. Also a saxophonist and hater of marmalade.

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    What’s the point of the “YouTube content ID” checkmark? What happens if I don’t check it, but I upload to YT Music?

    Hello, YouTube Music is YouTube’s streaming service. Uploading there will make your music available to stream on YouTube. Content ID on the other hand is a service from YouTube that scans all of their videos and picks up the use of any music in videos, to ensure that the artists get credited and paid. So if you upload your music to Content ID and video creators are using your track(s) then you’ll get paid when they use them in their videos. We have some more info here: https://routenote.com/blog/youtube-content-id-music-distribution/

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