So many people are transferring music libraries to YouTube Music that they’ve had to delay them

Google Play Music is meant to stop operating by the end of the year and it seems a lot of people are moving to its replacement: YouTube Music.

With YouTube Music taking the place of Google Play Music, Google and YouTube are putting into effect years of working towards a full transfer for GPM subscribers.

Whilst GPM often goes forgotten amongst the biggest streamers like Spotify and Apple Music they clearly have a lot of people looking to keep hold of their libraries and climb aboard YouTube Music. So many in fact, that they have had to delay many library transfers this week after launching their transfer tool for everyone last week.

There is now a warning for any users trying to access the library transfer tool to take all of their songs, albums, and playlists to YouTube Music in advance of GPM’s closure. It reads:

Due to high demand, transfers are delayed.

It is now apparently taking several days for users to transfer their libraries between the services. Google and YouTube promise that whilst it may take longer at the moment, everyone’s librarys will be transferred eventually and no-one will be left behind.

There has still been no announcement of when Google Play Music will fully end its service. YouTube Music have been adding a bunch of features that they’ve been missing compared to GPM but they are still missing a few of the features beloved by Google Play Music users – meaning transferring between services isn’t just a simple swap to a new interface but a whole new service.

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