What’s next for Instagram? From Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram

Image Credit: Gabrielle Henderson

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, shares some internal insight into what’s coming to the social platform in the next few months.

Along with a recent video sharing details on how the Instagram algorithm works, last week Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri posted a video to Instagram and Twitter highlighting some of the entertainment and video plans incoming for creators and consumers on Instagram.

Mosseri starts by stating Instagram has expanded beyond just a square photo-sharing app, with research saying the number one reason people use Instagram is to be entertained. In the video, Mosseri touches on the increased competition from the likes of TikTok, YouTube and other upstarts, and the changes they are taking to standout from social media platforms.

Instagram are focused on new experiences in four areas:

  • Creators: Instagram are implementing ways for individuals creators to make a living.
  • Video: As video continues to grow across platforms, Instagram hopes to lean into video more than they are already.
  • Shopping: Much like video, online commerce has accelerated during the pandemic. Instagram are exploring new ways to improve shopping in the app.
  • Messaging: As conversations online shift towards private messaging, and away from feeds and stories, Instagram are looking at how users can connect on the platform.

Among these four areas, Instagram will be experimenting with their recommendations spaces, to help users find interesting content from those they aren’t yet following. The first new addition includes a topic feature, that lets users filter recommendations by a certain genre. Over the coming months, Mosseri says they will be experimenting with how to embrace full-screen, immersive, entertaining and mobile-first video on Instagram more broadly.

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