Spotify have expanded their moving artwork on tracks so that artists can share their video-art for their music on Instagram.

Artists around the world have been loving Spotify Canvas since they launched it in beta last year. Now they’re making the moving artworks that come up when you play their music shareable on Instagram Stories.

Artists who have already been accepted into the Spotify Canvas beta can take their unique creations which accompany their music to their fans on Instagram. It’s a great way to share their unique artwork replacement as well as to promote their music and get people to head to Spotify to listen with one click.

Spotify revealed: “Adding a high-quality Canvas has increased track shares by up to 200 percent, in addition to lifts in streams, saves, and artist profile visits; bringing them to Instagram is another way for artists to connect their platforms and extend their reach even further.”

The feature is accessible to artists using the Spotify for Artists app on iOS. They need to head to their Artist profile within the app and find the tracks of theirs which have a Canvas. They can tap ‘Share’ to post both their song with the Canvas to their Instagram Story. Viewers can head straight to the track on Spotify by tapping on the link in the Story.

The feature is currently only available to users with Spotify for Artist accounts on the iOS app. If you’re not already on Spotify’s Canvas program to add visual art to your tracks then you can join the waiting list here.