Can I earn from Spotify?

Releasing your music on Spotify is free and easy with a distributor like RouteNote. You can get going quickly and easily and start making money from your music on Spotify straight away.

Adding my music to Spotify

Musicians just starting out online may not realise how easy it is to upload singles and albums to streaming services such as Spotify.

How does music distribution work?

Music distributors, such as RouteNote, take the complications and stress out of navigating the online music world as an independent artist.

How to put any song on Spotify

Get your music on Spotify for free and release unlimited tracks online with RouteNote music distribution.

How to sign up for the Apple Music for Artists App

The Apple Music for Artists App gives you the access to all the important data and extra tools you need as an artist, here’s how to sign up.

How to put my music on Spotify for free

RouteNote is the favourite distributor of independent artists and labels around the world for their free and easy tools to grow online.

How to become an Apple Music artist

Find out how to upload your tracks to Apple Music for free, as well as access great free promotional tools.

How much does Apple Music pay artists?

Working out exactly how much streaming services pay artists is a tricky task. How much money do musicians make from Apple Music, for example?

How to know if your music distributor is a good price

Want to know how to get your music on streaming services? First you need a digital music distributor. But which distributor is the best value for money?

Free distribution to Apple Music HiFi

With the recent announcement of lossless audio coming to Apple Music for free, we wanted to remind you that you can distribute your music to the streaming platform, in HiFi quality for free with RouteNote.