Everything you need to know as an artist on Instagram – how to upload to Stories and Reels

Your all-in-one guide about everything Instagram, including how to upload and monetize your music across the social media platform.

Upload unlimited artists for free with RouteNote

Artists and labels on RouteNote can distribute as many songs from as many artists as they like to stores and streaming service for free.

How many songs can I upload with a free RouteNote account?

As many as you like! Free RouteNote accounts can upload an unlimited number of artists and songs, free of charge.

Which service offers the best music distribution deal?

RouteNote offer all artists and labels powerful tools to help them upload their music and monetize across stores and streaming services.

Free music distribution for an unlimited number of artists

With a free RouteNote account, artists and labels can distribute an unlimited number of songs from an unlimited number of artists for free.

RouteNote vs. ONErpm – music distribution platforms compared

Offering artists 85% of the revenue for free distribution, on the surface ONErpm seem to be comparable to RouteNote. Let’s look closer.

What is the best music aggregator

RouteNote provide all of the tools independent artists and labels need for starting their music career online, with free distribution.

Can I earn from Spotify?

Releasing your music on Spotify is free and easy with a distributor like RouteNote. You can get going quickly and easily and start making money from your music on Spotify straight away.

Adding my music to Spotify

Musicians just starting out online may not realise how easy it is to upload singles and albums to streaming services such as Spotify.

How does music distribution work?

Music distributors, such as RouteNote, take the complications and stress out of navigating the online music world as an independent artist.