Image Credit: Instagram

Instagram introduce the new Professional Dashboard, a central hub designed to help Business and Creator accounts accomplish their goals.

Announced yesterday, the Professional Dashboard is “A new central destination to help you turn your passion into a living on Instagram”. Supporting entrepreneurial creators and small businesses, the hub is your central destination to track performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram.

During 2020, Instagram have helped many businesses thrive during the economic stress brought on by COVID-19, with tools to help users earn money on the platform, such as Badges and Instagram Shop. These tools and more were brought together into one central hub. Since launching in November last year, the Professional Resources hub has been visted by 82 million accounts, 37 million of which tapped on at least one item.

Now Instagram hopes to improve on this with the Professional Dashboard, providing a better experience, making these tools and more easier to discover and access the tools for them. The new hub has three key features:

1. Track Your Performance:

Discover insights and trends based on your accounts performance.

2. Grow Your Business:

Easily access tools you use to run your account more efficiently, discover new tools to help you build your business, and check monetization status and eligibility.

3. Stay Informed:

Learn how to make the most of Instagram through curated educational resources including tips, tricks, guidance, and inspiration.

While some of these features were already available on Instagram, the Professional Dashboard brings them together. Business and Creator accounts will find this by clicking View Professional Dashboard at the top of their profile. Instagram say they will add more tools here over time.