Image Credit: Adam Mosseri

Instagram are heavily focusing on messaging, with new features like message replies, custom reactions, polls and animated message effects.

Earlier this month, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri posted a video announcing the return of the chronological feed. While we wait for the new feature, Mosseri demos some of the new features available to customise your messaging experience. These are many of the same features we’ve seen on apps like WhatsApp and iMessage, but it’s nice to have a familiar set of features across applications. Make sure your app is up-to-date to see these new features.

  • Replies – Easily reply to a specific message in a thread. Simply swipe to the right on a message to reply.
  • Custom Emoji Reactions – Previously you could like a message by double tapping. Now you can long press to add any emoji reaction.
  • Polls – You can now create a poll in groups. Go to the stickers icon (smiley face), then tap Poll, and type a question and some options.
  • Animated Message Effects – Use the search icon to the left to choose through various effects.

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