Artists will soon be able to sell merch on Instagram

Instagram are updating their shopping options so that new creators and businesses will be able to sell through the social media app.

Instagram are launching a new set of guidelines which allow a host of new creators to sell products from their profiles. The new feature goes live on July 9th and will open up a great opportunity for artists on Instagram to sell merchandise and records with built-in advertisements.

Instagram is notoriously difficult for creators and businesses to promote their products as you can only provide links on your profile page and not in individual posts. With their shopping options artists and others will have unique options for selling and promoting products on one of the world’s most used social platforms.

Accounts will need to have shown that they have a level of trustworthiness to be eligible, including having an established following on the platform. Eligible accounts will have to adhere to a certain set of guidelines to make sure they are up to Instagram’s content standards including not misleading with prices or availability.

Instagram will take a small cut from any transactions made through Instagram. They promise that they will properly explain why any potential sellers have been refused if they’re found not to be eligible after applying.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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