Image Credit: Instagram

Instagram’s new Remix feature lets creators collaborate on their Reels to create alongside what other people are uploading.

Instagram are spicing up Reels with a brand new feature to get people sharing and talking about other Reels even more. With Remix, users will be able to take the Reels that they find and add their own Reel alongside it to build upon it or add their own voiceover.

Users will be able to react to Reels with their own video and voice reactions, or capture a video that matches the original, and much more adding their own creative energy to original Reels. The Audio Tools allows users to add a full voiceover on Remix or even record an instrument to play over the original. Creators can control the levels between their audio and the original to get things just right. Yes exactly, perfect for collaborating on an a cappella version of a sea shanty.

The introduction of Reels also introduces a function for creators to disable or enable whether they want to allow their Reels to be remixed. For Reels uploaded before March 31st, users will have to head to their Reel, tap the 3-dot menu, and select ‘Enable Remixing’. Likewise for other videos users can do the same to disable remixing on enabled Reels.

Instagram Reels’ Audio Library update

Instagram have also updated their Audio Library to make browsing for tracks better for creators. Now when searching for and browsing through tracks, users will be able to select a new musical note next to tracks. This will take them to an Audio Page for the song which will show other content created using that track.

This will help to encourage creators collaborating on Remixes but also helps to see what songs are trending and how people are engaging with music on Instagram Reels.

As if that news wasn’t enough, Instagram are also launching their full suite of music products in Vietnam. Vietnamese users will now be able to add music to their Stories to soundtrack their moments as well as taking part in the Reels spreading around the world.

Facebook’s Music Label Partnerships manager for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Katie Tetley wrote: “We’re thrilled to enable people to include music in the moments they share on our platforms, and are excited to support local communities as fans express themselves in meaningful ways through music.”