An analysis of almost a million Instagram Stories reveals valuable data for artists and brands

How many Instagram Stories should I post a day? Should I upload photos or videos? How do Stories perform compared to feed posts?

Answers to the above and many more key insights are detailed in Socialinsider’s article. Stories on the Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform receive deep engagement from all users, so it’s no wonder they are utilised by brands and musicians around the world to increase brand awareness and create strong relationships between artists and fans.

Social media analytics site Socialinsider analysed 962,402 Stories on Instagram between January 2020 and October 2021. From 6,014 business accounts, Socialinsider calculated results from thousands of accounts with under 5k followers, to hundreds of accounts with over 100k followers. Find the full deep dive here or click one of the headings below to learn more.

Key Insights

1. Major brands have doubled their Instagram story’s usage in the last year

Image Credit: Socialinsider

2. Posting up to 5 stories per day ensures a retention rate of over 70%

Image Credit: Socialinsider

3. Instagram users are more likely to tap forward sooner for image stories

4. Instagram users exit faster from video stories, and most of the exits happen within the first two stories

5. Image stories slightly outperform video stories in terms of reach

Image Credit: Socialinsider

6. Instagram stories have lower reach rates compared to posts in the feed

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