Image Credit: Instagram

Instagram have just launched Reels Visual Replies, allowing creators to reply to a comment with a Reel, much like TikTok’s video replies.

Launched in June last year, video replies are one of TikTok’s key features, providing an interactive way for creators and fans to communicate and interact on the short-form video platform. The feature is reminiscent of YouTube’s video responses… Does anyone else remember them?

Instagram’s new Reels Visual Replies are almost exactly the same, right down to the way you reply and even the comment showing as a sticker in the video. For an idea of how similar this entire experience is to TikTok’s, here’s a TikTok from TikTok showing you how to reply to a comment with a TikTok.


Want to reply to a comment with a video? Now you can! Available now for all users!

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According to Social Media Today, Instagram users will also be able to reply to comments on regular posts and videos with Reels too. I can’t confirm this, as this feature doesn’t work for me yet.

How to reply to a comment with a Reel

Simply tap Reply on a comment on one of your Reels, then tap the blue camera icon to record a response. As with any Reels, you can edit them before publishing to your feed.

This move is an easy shot from Meta attempting to win back younger users from TikTok to Instagram, however we’d really like to see Instagram introduce new and innovative features that add to the overall experience on the app.

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