Image Credit: Instagram

Instagram have launched three new Reels effects that makes your short-form videos react to the music with just a few taps.

In the last couple of weeks, Instagram have rolled out a few exciting new features that affects all users. Instagram Videos is a new tab on your profile that merges IGTV and feed videos, while Instagram Collabs is a new co-author tools that shares posts or Reels across two accounts. The latest new tools on Instagram are the Reels effects Superbeat, 3D Lyrics and Dynamic Lyrics, found in the newly updated effects gallery. The new effects make it fun and easy to create visually appealing Reels using AR and music.


Superbeat, the new music beat effect, applies visual edits to your Reel based on the beat of the song you attach. You’ll see five icons above the record button that let you choose what kind of visual effects are applied to your video. Superbeat cycles through various effects, Bass zooms in and out to the beat, Repeat splits your video into a grid in time with the music, while Chroma and Refract apply a glitch-like effect.

Image Credit: Instagram

3D Lyrics

As the name suggests, 3D Lyrics automatically displays 3D lyrics over your video. You can adjust Turn, Tilt, Rotate, Depth, Extend and Colour using the six icons above the record button and slider to the right.

Dynamic Lyrics

Last up, Dynamic Lyrics also adds lyrics with depth to your Reels. You can adjust how the lyrics appear on screen using the three icons, with Pop flashing the words on screen as they are sang, Jump sliding the words up from the bottom, and Glide scrolling them from right to left.

Image Credit: Instagram

How to add the effects to your Reel

  1. Hit the + icon in the top right corner or swipe right on the homepage to create a new post.
  2. Tap REELS at the bottom to open the Reels Camera.
  3. Tap the three stars icon on the left to open the effects tray.
  4. You should see Superbeat, 3D Lyrics and Dynamic Lyrics at the top. Use the magnifying glass to search for an effect.
  5. Tap the music icon to choose a song.
  6. Start recording to see the effect come to life.

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