Where are Facebook Podcasts?

After being introduced less than a year ago, Facebook are already pulling the plug on podcasts on the social media app.

Your music is now on Facebook and Instagram in Nepal and Taiwan

Meta expand music to more markets in Asia, bringing your releases to more people on Facebook and Instagram Stories, and Reels.

How to upload and attach music to a Facebook comment

You can now add music to comments on Facebook. Use RouteNote to upload your own music to Facebook comments.

Everything you need to know as an artist on Instagram – how to upload to Stories and Reels

Your all-in-one guide about everything Instagram, including how to upload and monetize your music across the social media platform.

Facebook Reels and new monetization options are launching globally

Announced by Meta earlier this week, Reels are now available on Facebook in more than 150 countries on iOS and Android.

Top 10 most-followed Facebook musicians in 2022

Ranging from 66m to 114m followers, here is a good indication of the most popular and interesting artist pages on the social media platform.

Top 25 most popular social media platforms – the platforms with the most monthly active users around the world

Marketing firm Semrush have shared an infographic with the most popular social media platforms and various other insights gathered over 2021.

Facebook are offering musicians up to $50k for performances on their Clubhouse competitor

In an attempt to win creators over to Live Audio Rooms, their Clubhouse rival, Facebook are reportedly handing out huge cheques.

How to share and promote your Deezer music on Facebook Stories

Deezer have introduced sharing to Facebook Stories, complete with a 20 second preview and link to the full track.

Instagram are combining IGTV and feed videos into ‘Instagram Video’

Hoping to compete with YouTube, Instagram are cutting down on the number of video formats on their platform by combining IGTV and feed videos.