Say goodbye to screenshots – add what you’re listening to straight to your moments on Instagram and let the world know what you’re grooving to.

Spotify want you to be able to share what you’re listening to easier than ever. They’ve integrated themselves even deeper into Facebook and Instagram so you can share tunes with ease – no more screenshotting your music player to add to your stories.

Spotify’s new share to Instagram Stories feature allows you to post what your listening to straight to Instagram in your Story of via Instagram Direct to share it with friends. It’s as simple as tapping the share button on the song, album, playlist, or artist you’re listening to on Spotify and selecting Instagram Stories from the menu. The app will unlock custom cover art stickers for your selection and share it on your story or with your friends.

You can “beautify” your shared pic with stickers and captions; add some hearts to show your love for the song, or let people know the vibes your feeling with these tunes. You don’t even have to connect your accounts between the apps, just have them both installed and select the Instagram Stories share button.

When friends see your story they’ll be able to tap on a ‘Play on Spotify’ button which will take them to the Spotify app where they can listen to what’s got you grooving. It makes it simple to see what your friends are vibing to and join them in it, and send your own tunes their way.

Instagram sharing is available on the Spotify app for both Android and iOS now globally. Go to the sharing menu on the app now and tell the world what’s in your headphones today.